Test Cover Image of:  What If You Could Unscramble An Egg?

What If You Could Unscramble An Egg?

What if there were three sexes?

What if men could have babies?

What if the earth didn’t have a moon?

What if all the air in the room went into one corner?

What if you fell into a black hole?

What if you could unscramble an egg?

Eavesdrop on these free-wheeling conversations and stretch your imagination in 120 different directions! In these flippant “what if” dialogues about everything from sex, aliens, dogs, and dinosaurs to space, matter, and time, Robert Ehrlich blurs the boundaries between science fact and science fiction. Come travel through these zany alternative universes––and understand our own a bit better!

Author Information

Robert Ehrlich, a professor of physics at George Mason University, delights in enlivening science for the general reader. His other books include Turning the World Inside Out and 174 Other Simple Physics Demonstrations and The Cosmological Milkshake: A Semi-Serious Look at the Size of Things (Rutgers University Press). Gary Ehrlich has illustrated three books by Robert Ehrlich.